“physical Therapy Won’t Help”

“I’ve had ______ pain for a long time. I’m not sure that physical therapy can help.”

“I thought I had to just live with _____ pain.”

“I’ve had ______ pain for months. I had given up hope that it would ever go away.”

I hear things like this all the time. People suffering from an injury (new or old) because they aren’t sure what to do about it.

That’s understandable. There is so much information available, it’s hard sometimes to know what the right decision is.

Who do I even talk to about this? My physician? Chiropractor? Do I need SURGERY?

Often, it’s just easier to “deal with it” because we convince ourselves, “It’s not that bad.” Next thing you know, we start avoiding things we used to enjoy. It starts off small… “Maybe I’ll take the elevator instead of the stairs.” “I’ll just try to sit more at work.” or “I’ll save money if I skip that trip this year.”

This can be a slippery slope though. Eventually, we start cutting out bigger and bigger things out of our lives.

All because we didn’t know where to start. Maybe we didn’t think anything could be done. Maybe the solution seemed too scary, hard, or expensive.

Sometimes they knew someone with a similar injury and “it just never got better.”

I have heard all of this in my line of work.

I also know people in my personal life that have said similar things, and I’m betting you do too. Maybe, you have felt similar in the past, or even do now…

Of course, there are injuries that absolutely require medical attention or even surgery.

However, that’s not the end of the story.

I always like to offer some positivity and good news in my posts here, and today is no different.

Most of the people out there suffering from things like back pain or joint pain, do NOT require surgery!

That’s right friend! I’ll say it again… More times than not, injuries don’t require surgery or painful injections!!

Things like back pain (even with numbness or pain in hips and legs) and joint pain (like knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, etc.) can often be addressed through safe, conservative, and natural treatments!

One study (I’ll put the link to the article at the end), looked at long term outcomes between 2 groups of people suffering from chronic low back pain. One group received surgical intervention (spinal fusion) and one group received non-operative treatment (which included physical therapy).

They followed up with the subjects of the study 1 year after the study, and spoiler alert… There was no clinically significant difference found between the surgery group and non-surgical group!

“So if physical therapy is so great, why doesn’t everyone do it?” Well, great question. I’m glad you asked.

The question is simple, but the answer is much more complex. There are several reasons people choose not to seek out physical therapy first.

Some reasons included on this list are insurances, our entire healthcare system as a whole, and common misconceptions about physical therapy.

I’m not going to solve the healthcare issues we have today, but I can certainly provide some information about physical therapy by addressing some common myths…

1. No Pain, No Gain… While it is true that there can be some discomfort or muscle soreness with rehabilitating an injury, the goal is to move patients out of pain, not increase it.

2. I have to have a doctor’s note… In many states, including Idaho, patients have direct access to physical therapists, even without a prescription from your doctor.

3. Pain is just part of getting older… While there are many normal changes that occur during the aging process, pain is NOT one of them. PT may be able to help reduce your pain, and get you back to living an active life again.

4. PT = pain and torture… Physical Therapy can be challenging and hard work, but it can actually feel good and help you move better!

5. I can do it on my own… It is true, there are many videos, blogs, and how to information out there. However, this information is generic, and not necessarily specific to your needs.

6. I have to be good at exercise first… Whether you have an extensive background in exercise, avoid the gym like the plague, or fall somewhere in between, physical therapy can help. Regardless of your background in exercise, a Physical Therapist will modify your treatment to fit you.

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Anne F. Mannion, Jens Ivar Brox, Jeremy C.T. Fairbank,

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Disclaimer: This content is for general, informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice.


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