Neck Pain

Neck Pain PT in Idaho Falls

"Struggling with Difficulty Sleeping or Simple Daily Tasks Due to Neck Pain and Headaches?

Is This Your Experience?

You anticipated the discomfort would fade away within days or weeks, yet it persists. Despite trying various at-home treatments like heating pads, ice, and TENS devices, relief remains elusive.

Massage sessions provided temporary relief, but the pain returned shortly afterward. Medical interventions, such as injections or prescribed medications, offered short-lived effects. Previous attempts at physical therapy did not yield the desired results.

You’ve found ways to manage by avoiding activities that trigger pain, right?
We’re Here To Provide Lasting Solutions.

Common Neck Issues We Address:
Typical Causes:

Impaired Mechanics: Weakness and muscle imbalance lead to reduced range of motion, while joint stiffness and muscle inflexibility compromise posture.

Sudden Load or Impact: Injury occurs due to a sudden load or impact on the tissue.
Chronic Compensatory Mechanisms: Avoidance of activity in certain muscle groups and overuse of other tissues due to past injuries or fear of future injuries.

Switchback Direct PT's Approach:
Key Facts to Keep in Mind:

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