Why Switchback Direct PT

Switchback Direct PT Doesn’t “Sell Physical Therapy”

Our goal is not to simply provide some exercises and send you on your way. Rather, we provide you with the guidance and tools you need to get back to the adventures that pain has kept you from enjoying.

Much like a switchback you might find on a hiking trail, Switchback Direct Physical Therapy is here to make the journey up the mountain of recovery a little easier. We are simply here to guide you up that mountain of recovery using simple, highly effective, and convenient physical therapy techniques.

It’s All About You

Switchback Direct Physical Therapy is all about you! In fact, our business was set up in a way that we work directly for our patients, not a third-party payer. This usually saves time, gets quicker results, and gives our patients peace of mind knowing their care is our top priority, without the worry of how a third-party is influencing their treatment.

We are passionate about helping anyone recover from injury, but we especially love working with outdoor enthusiasts wanting to either start an adventure for the first time or safely return to the great outdoors after pain or set-back.

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